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  • The most dangerous part of flying is the trip to the airport goes the saying. And that is true if you consider the fact that your odds of being in an accident during a flight is one in 1.2 million, and the chances of that accident being fatal are one in 11 million. The likelihood of dying in a car crash, on the other hand, are one in 5,000.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) announces Ascend as its first carrier customer to reserve autonomous freight capacity on the V.A.S. network.

  • I’m sure we’ve all heard the rather loaded statistic that over 94% of all road accidents are caused by human error, or theories that soon drivers will be relics of automotive history, replaced by autonomous machines, incapable of error. Perhaps then it’s already high time to concede and let the robots take over the wheel – we’d all be much safer for it, right?

  • When you picture a quarry or mining site, you probably envisage mammoth machines and humungous haul trucks with 100-ton loads and human-sized wheels. Because bigger means better, right?

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    01/18/2023 4 min

    CES 2023: My Key Takeaways

    Everyone who lives here knows that January is one of the worst months to live in Sweden. Christmas is over, the days are short and dark, and the weather is well… Swedish. So when I was offered the chance to swap my thick down jacket (from -8°C) for a slightly thinner one (to a comparably balmy +10°C) for a week at CES in Las Vegas, you can imagine I jumped at the chance.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Uber Freight have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to deploy Volvo’s autonomous transport solution on Uber Freight’s marketplace.

  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has granted Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) a new test permit that allows the testing of autonomous driving trucks without safety drivers while performing loading and unloading.

  • We sat down with our customer DHL Supply Chain to discuss autonomous trucking on the podcast All Business. No Boundaries. The discussion ranged from uses cases, progress to a fully autonomous transport solution to the partnership between DHL and Volvo Autonomous Solutions

  • Funded by the German government, the ELMAR project brings together a consortium of top-class research institutes and a diverse set of industry players ranging from material extraction companies to those developing software for optimizing material flows. As a part of the project, Volvo Group will be implementing a solution that includes electric Volvo trucks and construction equipment and TARA—the electric and autonomous transport solution for hauling.

  • Volvo Group and Rio Tinto have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a strategic partnership where Rio Tinto will supply responsibly sourced low-carbon products and solutions to Volvo Group and the companies will work towards decarbonizing Rio Tinto’s operations through piloting Volvo Group’s sustainable autonomous hauling solutions.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (VAS), a Volvo Group company, introduced today that it will offer a new hub-to-hub autonomous transport solution, designed to serve four main customer segments: shippers; carriers; logistics service providers; and freight brokers. Each solution will be configured to suit the business needs of the specific segments while addressing the growing demand for goods movement in North America.

  • Ports and logistics centers are one of the key customer segments for Volvo Autonomous Solutions. Our solution will effectively transport high volume of goods in repetitive flows 24/7.

  • Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) and Volvo Autonomous Solutions (a part of the Volvo Group) are happy to announce Volvo has joined GMG as a new member.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Holcim Switzerland have partnered to jointly test and further develop the use of autonomous electric haulers in a limestone quarry. The two companies are dedicated to seeking infrastructure and transport solutions that are safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Aurora have achieved the next milestone in their partnership to jointly develop on-highway autonomous trucks in the U.S. A prototype of Volvo Trucks’ flagship, long-haul VNL model, integrated with the Aurora Driver technology, was revealed today, representing an important step towards launching fully autonomous Class 8 trucks commercially in North America.

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