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  • The autonomous freight industry is in its early stages as a new and complementary transport mode, but it’s gaining momentum, and the technology is evolving rapidly. So far, autonomous trucks have been piloted with safety drivers, who are ready to take over in the unlikely event that there is a system failure.

  • Purpose designed and built for autonomy; the fully redundant truck will enable autonomous transport. Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) today unveiled Volvo's first-ever production ready autonomous truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas.

  • Autonomy holds enormous potential to transform the transportation industry for the better by making the global supply chain more efficient, addressing driver shortages, and meeting customers’ growing freight demands.

  • Our goal with Volvo has always been simple but powerful: make our roads safer at commercial scale. Together, we are developing autonomous trucks with Volvo and launching an industry-leading driverless service with Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.).

  • What is compliance for autonomous vehicles and machines? Why is it relevant to Volvo Autonomous Solutions? Aleksander Vasic, Global Technology Manager - Safety gives us the lowdown on how we ensure our vehicles and machines meet the mark.

  • Here is the age-old thought experiment of the trolley problem: walking towards a railway, you suddenly see a trolley that’s speeding down a track towards a crossroads. One direction will hit five people, the other only one. You are able to change the course of the trolley.

  • Are eyes more important than ears? Does touch beat smell? Just like in human anatomy, autonomous vehicles have a catalogue of ‘sensors’ that make sense of the world in the absence of a human driver. But is one sensor more important, or better, than the other?

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions has officially inaugurated a state-of-the-art autonomous testing facility at AstaZero, a RISE (the Research Institute of Sweden) test site. Located outside of Borås, Sweden, the mining and quarry focused testing facility is dedicated to fostering innovation, supporting a robust test and validate process, and guaranteeing the reliability of autonomous solutions.

  • On the eve of a major industry milestone – fully driverless operations without a safety driver at Brønnøy Kalk in Norway – we sat down with Luca to discuss the question on everyone’s mind: when is it safe to remove the safety driver?

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) and Boliden have entered into a long-term collaboration to implement autonomous transport solutions as a part of Boliden’s operations. The collaboration will cover numerous projects including the deployment of autonomous transport solutions at Boliden’s Garpenberg site in Sweden.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) achieves industry-first milestone with the removal of the safety driver in an active commercial mining operation at Brönnöy Kalk mine in Velfjord, Norway.

  • So, you’re looking to make the transition to autonomy on your quarry or mining site. Perhaps you’re exploring a more sustainable alternative to your current solution, or perhaps you’re investigating ways to future-proof your operations and make them safer and more efficient.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) expands footprint in North America with the establishment of an office in Texas and starts manual operations in preparation for commercial autonomous hub-to-hub transport.

  • It was the American engineer and statistician, Dr William Edwards Deming, that famously said “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” A statement that rings as true today as it did decades ago.

  • Patrik Swahn, Product Manager of Safety and Technical Compliance at Volvo Autonomous Solutions, explains how we balance fast and safe in the world of autonomy.

38 matches

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