Autonomous Solutions

Hub-to-Hub, Highways

In it for the long haul. Move goods from hub-to-hub with our Autonomous Transport Solutions for highway trucking. By introducing a new source of capacity to the existing transport system, we offer a flexible autonomous solution that increases efficiency and safety while keeping drivers closer to home.

Transforming the movement of goods on highways

A growing demand for freight, shortage of drivers and mounting concerns about health and safety– the long-haul transport industry is primed to benefit from autonomy. Our Autonomous Transport Solution (ATS) for highways delivers autonomous freight capacity for shippers, carriers, logistics providers, and freight brokers who want to be at the forefront of industry transformation. 

Our solution includes a wide range of services: our autonomy-enabled Volvo VNL, the Aurora driver, infrastructure, repair and maintenance and more. Based on a Transport as a Service (TaaS) model, with our solutions, you only pay for the capacity you use.

Autonomous Transport Solution by Volvo 

24/7 operations

By offering autonomous freight capacity, our complete solution increases efficiency by enabling your operations to run 24/7. With our autonomous trucks taking care of the long haul, you can optimize your drivers’ working hours and increase job satisfaction by keeping them closer to home.

Flexible and scalable

Freight demands are unpredictable and can fluctuate, so flexibility is key to keeping your business running. Our Autonomous Transport Solution is fully scalable, so you can always optimize based on your current needs. This flexibility also enables better asset utilization for increased efficiency and profitability.

An off-balance sheet solution

Offered as Transport as a Service—with our solutions you only pay for the capacity you need and take advantage of an off-balance sheet solution that reduces financial risk.

Making the shift together with our customers

Join Sasko Cuklev, Head of On-Road Solutions at Volvo Autonomous Solutions, as he shares how our dedication to safety and premium service shapes our work, and how our customer approach enables us to develop our autonomous solutions for the Hub-to-Hub segment together with our customers.

Strategic Partnership with DHL

In partnership with DHL, we are paving the way for efficient and safe autonomous freight transport in North America. The future deployment of Autonomous Transport Solution will be DHL’s first TaaS operation globally.

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V.A.S and Uber Freight Join Forces

We have partnered up with Uber Freight to deploy our autonomous transport solution on Uber Freight’s marketplace. As a part of the partnership, both companies will work together to offer autonomous freight capacity on select routes starting in Texas to Uber Freight customers.

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First Carrier Customer Joins Reservation Program

Ascend is our first carrier customer to reserve autonomous freight capacity on the V.A.S. network in the United States.

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Now taking reservations for Hub-to-Hub in Texas

Our Hub-to-Hub Autonomous Transport Solution for highways will increase capacity, efficiency, and safety. Our solution will initially be available in Texas and we are now giving shippers, carriers, logistics providers, and freight brokers the chance to reserve autonomous freight capacity. Sign up and be part of the transformation of the industry.