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Within Volvo Autonomous Solutions, automation experts from all our business areas are coming together to develop the concept Transport as a Service, including total integrated transport solutions that improve our customers’ productivity. This means that we provide not only autonomous vehicles, but the entire eco-system to complete the solution.

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We work closely together with our customers to tailor a complete solution that improves overall productivity, safety and sustainability. Exactly what the solution will look like varies with the customer’s need. 

We deliver not only the automated vehicles, but also the eco-system needed for the operations to run smoothly. We offer Transport as a Service (TaaS).

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Our strategic segments

Mining, Quarries & Aggregates, Industrial Material Handling

These types of applications can be confined and highly regulated which makes it easier to separate autonomous transports from other processes. The process of loading, transporting  and dumping are relatively simple and repetitive – and thereby very suitable for autonomous solutions.

Volvo Autonomous Solutions are starting small with less complex use cases and will build additional functionality upon proven successes. The next step could bigger scale applications such as underground mining or tunnel applications, helping to remove people from hazardous locations.

Ports & logistic centers

Autonomous transports with low noise levels and zero exhaust emissions have an important role to play in the future of logistics and will benefit both business and society. 

Short transports with high precision, like within ports and logistic centers, are well suited for autonomous solutions. 

The vehicles are equipped with sophisticated systems for autonomous driving. They are designed to locate their current position to within centimeters, monitor in detail and analyze the behavior of other road users, and then respond with high accuracy.

The transport control center continuously monitors the transport and keeps an accurate watch of each vehicle's position and a number of other parameters. Speed and progress are tailored to increase delivery precision and to minimize waste and increase availability. Vehicles that operate on the same route are optimized to create an optimal flow.


Autonomous solutions are also useful for hub-to-hub transportations using dedicated lanes on highways. They navigate and operate entirely autonomously using Lidar and GPS technology to continuously read its surroundings, navigating around fixed and movable obstacles. 

At the same time the solution gathers data via its on-board transport system in order to further optimize its route, traffic safety and fuel consumption. 

This solution is part of a total transport solution that controls the entire delivery process.

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