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Why Autonomy

Whether it’s addressing driver shortages, meeting ever-increasing freight demand, reducing harmful emissions, or removing people from hazardous working environments – autonomy holds enormous potential to transform our industries for the better.

Making quarries and mines safer and more productive

From vehicle collisions to steep heights and powerful explosives – working in quarries and mines means taking on overwhelming risks to get the job done. Through autonomy, we want to remove people from hazardous and precarious environments, while simultaneously increasing productivity by running operations beyond normal operating hours.

Meeting the growing challenges in long-haul transport

Freight movement is rapidly increasing, with the trucking industry moving the vast majority of the goods we need. Accommodating this growth has placed tremendous pressure on every part of the industry. With fully autonomous transport, we can provide additional capacity, better safety, unparalleled efficiency through 24/7 operations, and keep drivers closer to home with autonomous vehicles taking on the burden of long-haul trucking.

Paving the way for electrification

Cutting emissions is one of the most urgent challenges facing the quarrying and mining industries. Through autonomous transport solutions, we see the possibility to downsize machines without increasing labor costs and pave the way for electrification. 

Driving the future, today

We’re constantly looking to the future, but what we’re offering is beyond outlandish promises. With our Autonomous Transport Solutions, our ambition is to solve real-world challenges, providing commercial autonomous transport solutions that transform the way we move goods in long-haul transport, quarries, and mines.

Solving real-world challenges

What are the real-world problems that autonomy can solve? Increasing driver shortage? Ever-changing consumer preferences? Volvo Autonomous Solutions President Nils Jaeger discusses how autonomy can address some of the biggest challenges our industries and societies face today.

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