Autonomous Solutions

More than self-driving trucks

a complete autonomous solution
for ports & logistics centers 

As global trade grows and the volume of inbound goods increases, ports and logistics centers risk becoming a bottleneck. But the solution is not expansion, it is greater efficiency. And for this, automation is key.

Our complete Autonomous Transport Solution for ports and logistics centers is based on a Transport as a Service (TaaS) model and tailored to the specific of your business and industry. As part of our solution we offer a wide range of services, including an autonomous truck, virtual driver, support with control room set-up, site infrastructure, and more.

Autonomous Transport Solution by Volvo

Everything starts with safety

At Volvo Autonomous Solutions, safety is a priority in everything we do – from how we design, build, and test our autonomous trucks and software systems, to how we ensure safety on-site, including infrastructure, surveillance, and training. Everything to reduce risk and ensure the safest possible working environment.

For a more efficient flow

With our autonomous solution, you can safely transport containers from ports to nearby distribution centers along public roads, freeing up valuable space and improving transport flows further. 

A reliable partner for the future

Autonomous technology will improve efficiency and safety for ports and logistics centers. But change can be a challenge, no matter what benefits it brings. At Volvo Autonomous Solutions, we are with you every step of the way – from supporting you with the right infrastructure and smoothly integrating our solution with your existing systems to ensuring our autonomous trucks work together with your machines and workers. Together, we can ensure a straightforward and successful transition to automation.

Transform your operations with us