Autonomous Solutions

Autonomous haulage system for

quarries, mining & industrial material handling

Controlled, repetitive, remote. The mining, quarrying and industrial material handling industries are built to benefit from advanced automation. We have taken the shared knowledge and experience of the entire Volvo Group and used it to create one complete autonomous transport solution (ATS) that can be tailored to suit your needs. Our autonomous transport solution gives you complete control over every stage of your transport mission, while delivering the greatest value – from reducing emissions to increasing productivity and safety.

Increase productivity with flexible and proven trucking solutions

Autonomous haulage without limitations, built for tough terrain. With interoperable, flexible autonomous solutions built on Volvo Group’s premium truck range, we are providing the benefits of autonomy for your hauling operations. No matter the specifics of the hauling missions, no matter if you are a quarry of mine operator, we have a solution for you to maximize your productivity and profitability.

Safety is everything

Safety remains one of the biggest concerns in the mining and quarrying industries. For us, safety is at the heart of everything we do – from our vehicles and site infrastructure to our virtual driver. Our solutions increase safety further by removing people from hazardous environments, allowing them to focus their expertise elsewhere.

Cut CO2, boost productivity

Cutting emissions is one of the most urgent challenges facing the mining and quarrying industries. As a part of the Volvo Group, we have breadth and depth of expertise in the field of electromobility. Whether it is our electric range of Volvo trucks or the Tara transport system, we can help you cut your emissions with a customized solution while boosting your productivity.

Get connected, stay in control

With Volvo Autonomous Solutions, you stay connected to your fleet 24/7. You can run your fleet continuously, use the live data dashboard to monitor processes, and optimize performance for lower energy consumption. Through connectivity, you can also detect and diagnose any faults, reducing costly downtime while increasing productivity and safety.

Our autonomous solutions in practice

Meeting new challenges together

The changes that autonomy will bring are not only about machines and processes – they are about people. A successful shift to autonomous transport is about preparing, equipping and supporting your organization to ensure it thrives through the change. At Volvo Autonomous Solutions, we are with you every step of the way as you transform your operations and transition your organization into new roles and responsibilities. By meeting the challenges together, we can ensure a successful and seamless shift to autonomy.

Together, we can transform your hauling operations