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The department is responsible for all external corporate communication relating to Volvo Autonomous Solutions. We answer questions from media, arrange press conferences and interviews with management representatives and are responsible for press releases.

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  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions has officially inaugurated a state-of-the-art autonomous testing facility at AstaZero, a RISE (the Research Institute of Sweden) test site. Located outside of Borås, Sweden, the mining and quarry focused testing facility is dedicated to fostering innovation, supporting a robust test and validate process, and guaranteeing the reliability of autonomous solutions.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) and Boliden have entered into a long-term collaboration to implement autonomous transport solutions as a part of Boliden’s operations. The collaboration will cover numerous projects including the deployment of autonomous transport solutions at Boliden’s Garpenberg site in Sweden.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) achieves industry-first milestone with the removal of the safety driver in an active commercial mining operation at Brönnöy Kalk mine in Velfjord, Norway.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) expands footprint in North America with the establishment of an office in Texas and starts manual operations in preparation for commercial autonomous hub-to-hub transport.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) announces Ascend as its first carrier customer to reserve autonomous freight capacity on the V.A.S. network.

  • Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Uber Freight have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to deploy Volvo’s autonomous transport solution on Uber Freight’s marketplace.

  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has granted Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) a new test permit that allows the testing of autonomous driving trucks without safety drivers while performing loading and unloading.

  • We sat down with our customer DHL Supply Chain to discuss autonomous trucking on the podcast All Business. No Boundaries. The discussion ranged from uses cases, progress to a fully autonomous transport solution to the partnership between DHL and Volvo Autonomous Solutions

  • Funded by the German government, the ELMAR project brings together a consortium of top-class research institutes and a diverse set of industry players ranging from material extraction companies to those developing software for optimizing material flows. As a part of the project, Volvo Group will be implementing a solution that includes electric Volvo trucks and construction equipment and TARA—the electric and autonomous transport solution for hauling.

  • Volvo Group and Rio Tinto have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a strategic partnership where Rio Tinto will supply responsibly sourced low-carbon products and solutions to Volvo Group and the companies will work towards decarbonizing Rio Tinto’s operations through piloting Volvo Group’s sustainable autonomous hauling solutions.

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