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Green light for testing fully autonomous vehicles in Brønnøy

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) has granted Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) a new test permit that allows the testing of autonomous driving trucks without safety drivers while performing loading and unloading.
Red Volvo autonomous truck in a quarry in Brönnöy

This new test permit is an extension of the current one. But what makes it special is how far-reaching its scope has become—now V.A.S. is able to test drive autonomous trucks without a safety driver while the wheel loader operators are in the Autonomous Operating Zone (AOZ).

A holistic approach to safety that builds trust

Testing self-driving mining trucks is complex, given the variation in legislation and the challenges around safety. Volvo Autonomous Solutions was able to gain the trust of Norwegian authorities by providing a holistic approach that included unparalleled knowledge of complex test processes in autonomous technology and our heritage of safety innovations.

“At Volvo Autonomous Solutions, we adopt a thorough and stepwise approach to ensure safety. In the case of this test application, we demonstrated to the Norwegian authorities that we ensure safety by sufficient risk mitigation, including technical systems, physical barriers, and detailed trainings, “says Per Johannessen, Director Safety Regulations and Standards.

“We are grateful for the trust that the Norwegian authority has put in us,” says Mikael Nyth, Commercial Project Manager, “The successful application reflects our strong commitment to safety and the confidence we have built among our customers and authorities. We are getting one step closer to deploying safe and sustainable autonomous transport solutions in Brønnøy and this is one of the many great milestones to come,” Mikael adds.

Brønnøy Kalk at a glance

The autonomous transport solution being deployed at Brønnøy Kalk consists of seven autonomous Volvo FH trucks running on a five kilometer stretch through tunnels between the quarry and the crusher. By gradually introducing automation to more functionalities and shifts, the ambition is to eventually make the operations in Brønnøy fully autonomous.

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