Autonomous Solutions

Accelerating automation into the future

Volvo Autonomous Solutions is the newest business area within the Volvo Group. Inaugurated 1 January 2020, the company develops and commercializes industrial autonomous transport solutions that significantly improve productivity, reduce emissions to almost zero and radically improve safety.

 As a company we may be relative youngsters, but we are founded and share the same solid values, culture and history as the whole Volvo Group. We also share their inquisitive nature, delight in improving the lives of our customers and wider society, and are daringly innovative. 

For us that means channeling our inherited curiosity into the creation of autonomous solutions based on the very latest technologies. The future is bright and exciting – and we are committed to shaping tomorrow’s landscape of sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions.

Why we believe in automation

The world is changing rapidly in terms of globalization, urbanization and digitalization. But, as more and more people move into cities – or megacities – congestion, traffic jams and pollution increase. The risk of damaging our environment is real. The Volvo Group aims to reduce its environmental footprint by continuous improvements and disruptive innovation – and Volvo Autonomous Solutions plays an instrumental part in that work. 

We believe that electrified and automated commercial vehicles are one part of the solution to create safer, cleaner and more sustainable places for people to grow and thrive. 

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I’m convinced that autonomous solutions are beneficial to society. This new industry will provide a lot of benefits – including safety, efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and economic.

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