Autonomous Solutions

How autonomous solutions contribute to sustainable societies

We believe that autonomous solutions will bring enormous benefits to people everywhere and societies in general. Their introduction opens the way to transport systems that have a radically reduced impact on the climate, are more productive, more energy efficient – and far safer.

The benefits of automation

With mass immigration to urban areas increasing worldwide, there has never been a greater need for effective transportation. With more people living in cities there is an increasing need for clean and efficient public transport, and the movement of everything this growing population needs, food, clothes, furniture and countless other supplies.

The need to address the impact of climate change is perhaps the most important challenge society faces today.  We are committed to creating sustainable transport solutions for the modern world. 

Lower environmental footprint

Our TARA solution, including the complete ecosystem for electric and autonomous driving, brings substantial CO2 reductions –   100 % cut in the hauling part with the electric dumper TA15 (if using CO2 neutral electricity) and up to an 85 % reduction  in CO2 emissions for the complete site compared to today’s operations.

Making workplaces safer

Our solutions are designed to be safe for the environment they are assigned to. Today’s rapidly advancing technology offers autonomous solutions that are suitable for clearly defined areas, like light mines, quarries, ports, and hub-to-hub transportation. In these segments, automated solutions reduce worksite hazards and keep people out of danger.

More productivity

In an autonomous system one operator can control several vehicles or machines. The system uses the machines and vehicles in the most optimized way and are programmed to maintain a preferred speed throughout the operational cycle. The units can be operated continuously, only stopping for maintenance and recharging. This offers the prospect of increased productivity and a higher degree of fleet usage. 

Greater energy efficiency

Machines that are part of an autonomous system uses less energy thanks to less queing and idling. Also, the machines are recuperating while braking or driving downhill. Finally, leaving the internal combustion engines behind and going into fully electric drivelines reduces the energy consumption even further.

One of the biggest benefits of this technology is that it will improve safety and reduce harm.

To shape the world we want to live in