Autonomous Solutions

This is the Tara system

TARA is a complete solution designed to operate autonomously within a defined area, like a quarry or a mine. The system consists of our electric dumper – TA15 – and all the needed infrastructure to make the operations run safe and smooth.

The story of TARA

The autonomous electric dumper TA15 is the perfect example of what greatness can be achieved by a well working collaboration between design and technology. From the first draft until ready to haul. The story of TARA tells us how TA15 came to life. 

Our first commercial pilot

This pilot is the logical next step towards industrialization of the TARA-solution. Together with Harsco Environmental we are running a customer pilot project in Hofors, Sweden. The pilot consists of four autonomous dumpers transporting slag from the site to a landfill. 

98% less CO2 emissions in electric site pilot

The Electric Site pilot was conducted during ten weeks at a quarry in Gothenburg, Sweden in a partnership between Volvo Group and construction company Skanska. The pilot included electric and hybrid autonomous vehicles and the results were amazing. Up to 98% less emissions of CO2 among other strong proof points. 

Automation is believed to be implemented first in repetitive flows in confined off-road environments like quarries. Read more about why at Volvo CE’s blog (scroll down to find the post about TARA) or at the press release.