Autonomous Solutions

More than our autonomous dumper TA15


Autonomous, electric, connected. This is Tara: a complete autonomous haulage system designed for use in confined areas such as quarries and mines. Developed entirely in-house, Tara can be tailored to meet your hauling needs, helping you reduce harmful emissions while increasing productivity and safety.


A complete autonomous haulage system, tailored for you

Our goal is not to simply offer you a machine. We want to offer you the most efficient transport system that delivers the greatest value for your business. Based on our Autonomous Transport Solution (ATS) concept, Tara includes the fully automated Volvo TA15 electric dumper, our in-house developed virtual driver, support with all necessary site infrastructure and more – everything you need for a seamless switch to automation. Tara is offered as Transport as a Service (TaaS). This means you only pay for the services you use, allowing you to free up capital expenditure.  


This is the Tara system:

Volvo TA15

Ideal for use in confined areas, the Volvo TA15 is a fully automated electric dumper. With Tara, you can downsize and replace larger, diesel-powered vehicles with a fleet of Volvo TA15s to cut emissions, increase efficiency and optimize machine utilization.

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Our in-house virtual driver

The entire Tara solution is developed in-house. This includes the virtual driver which is based on industry-leading hardware and software. Our in-house developed driver was designed specifically for use in the quarrying and mining industries. It perceives the world around it to execute the planned mission in the safest possible way.


The right solution needs the right infrastructure. We support you every step of the way to integrate and enable all site infrastructure – from charging stations and safety systems to the operator interface and anything else you need to integrate our transport system into your operations. 

Maintenance and repair 

We understand the importance of uptime to your business. To ensure that your machines keep moving, we offer a customized, full-service solution that fits to your needs.


The hauling operations of an autonomous fleet are built on a continued repetitive flow with no need for refuelling or manual charging. With Tara, this continuous flow is integrated into your specific operation, so it can run safely and efficiently – 24/7.

Control room

When it comes to autonomous solutions, control is everything – especially if they are running around the clock. Our control room allows you to continually monitor and optimize your performance in real time – ensuring efficiency, productivity and safety. 

Financial solution

The financial solution offered is linked to the actual usage of the assets instead of purchase and maintenance costs. Simply put, you only pay for the services you use. 

How TARA benefits your business 

From increased safety and reduced emissions to higher productivity, the Tara transport system is uniquely designed to let you experience all the benefits of automation, electrification and connectivity on a human-supervised site. Here are just some of the ways TARA can benefit your business: 

Downsize to optimize your operation

Tara enables you to downsize and replace larger diesel-powered vehicles with a fleet of autonomous electric Volvo TA15s capable of running 24/7. This not only helps you cut emissions and increase productivity, it will also help you rightsize your machinery and optimize your hauling routes. As the Volvo TA15 is lighter and more compact, hauling routes can be narrower and will be easier to maintain, which also helps reduce fuel consumption.

Go electric for a more sustainable haul cycle

Cutting emissions is a common challenge facing the quarrying and mining industries. When used as part of the Tara system, the automated Volvo TA15 electric dumper will help you drastically lower local emissions as well as noise levels. Long-life batteries and fast charging stations ensure your fleet stays up and running, so your business benefits from a more sustainable haul cycle.

The safe way to an autonomous haulage system

In the quarrying and mining industries, safety is everything. From our vehicles and processes to site infrastructure and software, safety is at the core of every solution we design. With our Autonomous Transport Solutions we also remove people from hazardous environments, allowing them to focus their expertise on new tasks in safer surroundings.

Automated and connected for a smarter, smoother flow

Tara combines autonomy and connectivity to improve your operational efficiency. One operator can control several autonomous vehicles simultaneously for a continuous flow and greater productivity, while the performance dashboard collects and displays data, so you can monitor productivity, energy consumption, battery capacity and machine positions to drive continuous improvements. Tara also uses connectivity to detect and diagnose faults, reducing costly downtime and increasing safety.

Ready to take the first step towards automation?

In the shift to automation, the first step is all-important. So, we always start with a thorough analysis of your operation. This gives us the information we need to find the right transport solution for your business. In your transition to automation, we are with you every step of the way – from first contact to final installation and during operation.