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Brønnøy Kalk


A stone's throw from the polar circle, deep in the heart of the Norwegian mountains, our autonomous transport solution is changing the game at Brønnøy Kalk quarry. Consisting of seven autonomous vehicles transporting limestone on a five-kilometer stretch between the mine and the crusher without a safety driver, the partnership marks a new era for the quarrying and mining industry. An era where humans and machines work side by side to revolutionize safety, productivity and efficiency.

A milestone for autonomous trucking

Removing the safety driver from autonomous trucks in an active commercial operation is a breakthrough in the world of autonomy. A long-held vision, now a reality.

We believe the Brønnøy Kalk project will set a new benchmark for the industry.

Guided by safety

Brønnøy Kalk is a challenging environment, with demanding weather patterns and ground situations. Our in-house developed virtual driver and autonomy enabled trucks are designed to provide a high-integrity safety solution in a variety of conditions.

24/7 operations

Autonomous trucks can operate 24/7, without the need for scheduled breaks. This means Brønnøy Kalk can maximize efficiency and productivity, working round the clock.

Increased flexibility

Customers can operate the exact number of machines they need at a particular time or for aparticular project. This is easy to scale up or down.

A better way of working

Autonomy will remove people from hazardous working environments, improve efficiency of existing jobs and create new ones.

An all-in-one transport solution

Our complete autonomous transport solution for quarries and mining includes everything you need to get started with autonomous operations. From a virtual driver, developed in house, vehicles, to a repair and maintenance program and much more. 

New business models

Volvo Autonomous Solutions is the transport provider at Brønnøy Kalk. Brønnøy’s expertise in extracting limestone, combined with our autonomous knowledge and technology, shows the potential for future commercial applications.

Welcome to the team, autonomy

Meet your new autonomous co-worker: reliable, trustworthy, tireless, and always there when needed. Our partnership with Brønnøy Kalk is the perfect example of how humans and machines can work together to create a safer, more efficient working environment.

A collaboration for the future

A shared vision for safer, more efficient, and more sustainable operations initiated the partnership between Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Brønnøy Kalk. Raymond Langfjord, Brønnøy Kalk's General Manager, reflects on the partnership and the progress we've made together.


 How we made it work

Want to see autonomous trucking in action? This “How we made it work” video walks you through the steps taken to achieve fully autonomous operations at Brønnøy Kalk.

Breaking new ground

At Volvo Autonomous Solutions, we offer complete transport solutions optimized to meet your business needs, supporting you every step of the way.



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