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Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) signs Convoy to reservation program

Convoy, a leading digital freight network, joins the first wave of customers to reserve capacity on V.A.S.’s autonomous freight network.
Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.) signs Convoy to reservation program

As a reservation customer, Convoy will have priority access to autonomous freight capacity on initial lanes that will run on select routes in Texas. Working together, the two companies will drive better efficiency in the supply chain while enabling customers connected to Convoy’s digital freight network to access autonomous transport and be a part of the industry shift.

“We are delighted to sign Convoy to our reservation program. In Convoy we have found a partner who shares our commitment to making the movement of freight more efficient and less wasteful. Working together, we look forward to creating a new source of capacity for the industry and bringing all the benefits of autonomous trucking to shippers on Convoy’s expanding platform,” says Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

“We have great confidence in the transformative power of autonomous trucking technology to help tackle industry challenges,” stated Brooks McMahon, Chief Business Development Officer at Convoy. “By leveraging these trucks for highway segments and strategically scheduling loads during off-peak hours, we can minimize emissions, optimize fuel efficiency, and enhance the well-being of drivers. We’re particularly excited about how this model enhances the quality of life for small to midsize carriers who will support either leg of the transportation, but will be able to remain local more often and spend more time with their families. We are excited to partner with Volvo Autonomous Solutions in charting this new course and unlocking the full potential of autonomous trucks.”

“The interest around self-driving technology for long-haul trucking applications continues to grow as exemplified by the number of early reservations we have received for our program,” says Sasko Cuklev, Head of On-Road Solutions at Volvo Autonomous Solutions. “We are excited to collaborate with customers like Convoy who recognize the value our hub-to-hub offering brings in terms of safety, efficiency and driver satisfaction.”

Autonomous and manual trucks work side by side to alleviate industry challenges

The collaboration between the two companies involves the integration of V.A.S.’s Autonomous Transport Solution with Convoy’s platform. The integration will allow shippers to reserve autonomous freight capacity which will work based on a hub-to-hub model where manually driven trucks will work together with autonomous vehicles to move goods safely and efficiently.

Under this model, carriers on the Convoy network will deliver goods to designated hubs where autonomous trucks will take over and perform the long-haul portion of the driving. At the next hub, goods will be dropped off and driven to their final destination by Convoy carriers.

The hub-to-hub model will allow drivers to maximize productivity and shift to short-haul jobs that will get them home more often, improving overall job satisfaction. By shifting loads to off peak hours, autonomous transport will also enable reduction in emissions and waste in the supply chain, paving the way to a more sustainable future for the transport industry.

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The autonomous transport solution offered by Volvo Autonomous Solutions is based on Transport as a Service (TaaS) and includes a vehicle purpose-built for autonomous driving, a virtual driver, required infrastructure, operations and uptime support as well as a cloud solution that controls the transport system and manages logistics flows. The solutions developed by Volvo Autonomous Solutions are tailor-made for each customers’ needs and intended to make their operations safer, productive and sustainable.

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